Moving house from your old residence to the new house will certainly be a day to look forward to, even though it will be troublesome and tiring. Imagine, that you have to prepare all the equipment to pack things, wrap glassware, and lift furniture, not to mention transportation matters. But now everything can be done by a house moving service.

Everything is taken care of starting from the process of packing-loading-transportation-unloading-to rearrangement in the new house.

Avoid Mistakes When Moving House

So, this time we will discuss:

  1. What is a House Moving Service?
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Using House Moving Services
  3. House Moving Services from Denver Moving Group
  4. Tips for Choosing a House Moving Service
  5. Questions Before Using Moving Services

Check out more completed discussion about house moving services below.

1. What is a House Moving Service?

For moving services, as the name implies, it is a company that focuses on or provides services to help you move house. A house moving service is a group of professionals who will keep your equipment and furniture safe during the moving process.

That’s because the process of moving house is not an easy thing. After all, transportation and special tools are needed to maintain the condition of your luggage.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages of using House Moving Services

Using a house moving service certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. And, what are the advantages and disadvantages of house moving service?


  • No need to bother doing it yourself, they can help you
  • Tough activities are done by professionals
  • There is insurance and ensure the goods are safe until the new home


  • Must follow the schedule determined by the house moving service
  • You can’t keep an eye on the things you move
  • More expensive than moving alone

To lower your house moving costs, choosing a property within the right distance is a must.

3. House Moving Services

Each type of house moving service also has limitations on distance, price, and type of service. What are the services offered by house moving services?

  • Denver Moving Group

There are five types of truck sizes provided by the Denver Moving Group, from pickups to Trontons (the largest). The prices above also include the driver, truck, fuel, and services, including picking up goods from inside the house, loading them into trucks, delivering goods safely and unloading goods to the house.

Unfortunately, if you choose to use an open pickup, this house moving service does not provide a cloth cover to protect your belongings if it rains during the trip. The Denver Moving Group offers a variety of moving services, including:

  1. Long-distance moves
  2. Local moves
  3. Office moves
  4. Storage solutions

4. Tips for Choosing a House Moving Service

Choosing a house moving service is important for smoothness and security.

With so many house moving service providers in the US, of course, it takes consideration to choose which one is the best. Here are tips for choosing a house moving service.

  • Check how long it has been serving house moving services
  • Make sure the company is licensed
  • Find out how far apart the house moving services are
  • Check reviews of online house moving service providers
  • Ensure that the moving house service provider has professional equipment and staff
  • Make sure this house moving service provider also meets the checklist and requirements that you have to simplify the moving process.

5. Questions Before Using Moving Services

It’s normal to worry about using a moving service. Sometimes distrust arises from having to hand over important items to strangers who might lose them. Therefore, you must be very careful in choosing a moving service and you should ask the questions below first to make sure you have chosen the right moving service.

  • Is this moving service safe?

The most important thing to consider when choosing a moving service is security. Make sure you get complete information about the security of the moving service. Using Moving companies in Denver, for example.

  • What is the process of transporting and shipping goods?

Long processes such as negotiation stages and others will only waste time. Therefore, you also consider the easiest and most practical processed when choosing a moving service. For example, by using the services of the Denver Moving Group where you only need to contact the Denver Call Center at (720) 370-3523, then choose a vehicle, enter the address and without further ado the price according to the distance and the driver is ready to transport your moving goods.

  • Rates within budget?

Many moving services or freight forwarding services are only concerned with profit without taking into account reasonable costs. At the Denver Moving Group, rates are set based on how far the delivery location is so a rational price won’t hurt your pocket.

  • Is there insurance coverage?

What if there is loss or damage to goods during the delivery process? This is what you need to think about when you want to rent a boxcar to move house.

  • How many goods will be transported?

Determining how much goods are transported is something that needs to be done before determining the type of vehicle. The quantity, size and weight of the goods will determine which vehicle is the most suitable so that efficiency in various aspects is maintained.

  • Is the type of transport vehicle complete?

It will be really difficult when you find a moving service that only offers one or two types of cars, right? That’s why you have to consider the completeness of a vehicle like Denver which has 4 types of vehicles.