If you want to spice up your meals, you can always go for recipe boxes. They usually have all the ingredients required to cook at least a single meal, from vegetable portions to thimbles-full of exotic-spices to prepared meat. They also have recipes card having step by step procedures for preparing meals. In recent days, the food subscription business has boomed as people are continually looking for easy and quick ways to have healthy foods on their table. There are various options, from easy and quick subscription meal kits to organic pay-as-you-go boxes. With the covid-19 pandemic, people are increasingly finding themselves looking for the best recipe box to go for. By using online review sites such as Britainreviews.co.uk to see websites about healthy food recipes to lose weight, you can be able to choose reputable food companies that you can be sure will deliver healthy recipe boxes. This article goes through some of the best recipe boxes in the UK.

Mindful Chef

This is one of the highly-rated recipe boxes in the UK. It is a lighter substitute to the usually carb-filled recipe offered by others. You can expect each of mindful chef’s meals to be fully dairy and gluten-free. Also, you’ll find meals such as healthy stir fries and grilled fish dishes at mindful chef. The recipe boxes have a selection of meat free-variety and many vegan selections, making them a healthy choice for those who need to eat healthily and ethically. The mindful chef recipe box has packages that vary  between two to five meals weekly, and one can choose from 16 diverse boxes. Mindful chef is also engaging in corporate social responsibility programs involving matching each meal purchased with a school meal for a kid in poverty. You can get these recipe boxes starting at €5 for each portion of a family box, €5.5 for each potion for a box for two people and €8 for each portion for a box of a  person.

Feast Box

Feast box is part of one of the UK’s largest website for sourcing exotic ingredients and spices, the Red Rickshaw brand. Feast box recipe box is delivered with ready to cook and fresh ingredients. Some of the ingredients comprise Japanese, Korean and Indian dishes, among others. There are many vegan selections to choose from, and the website will always offer you wine suggestions to pair with your weekly food subscription. You can get feast box recipe boxes starting from €5.50 per portion.


This is the first plant-based and vegetarian recipe subscription box in the UK. With most recipe boxes, ordering one often results in too many miniature seasoning and sauces wrapped in plastic. Dishy seeks to be different by sending each one of their subscriber an essential pack on the first order they make. This essential pack contains herbs, spices, vinegar, and oil, all in reusable glass containers. You can then be getting your weekly meals which will contain things such as a veggie twist on a Bolognese and an Indian-spiced veggie burger. Dishy donates to environmental causes in each of the boxes it sells. You can get a recipe box that serves two starting at €8.99 per recipe.

Cook with M&S Recipe Box

Marks & Spencer is a Britain based food institution famous for great readymade meals and ingredients all over the country. They offer great recipe boxes that help guide their client over some delicious meals made right from scratch. In their meal kit, you’ll find ingredients for preparing a chicken tikka, king prawn paella, mushroom sauce and pork medallions with cream garlic. M&S Recipe Box contains high-end ingredients, leading to its high price tag at $32 a box, comprising three meals serving two people. You can also get the box at €5.3 per serving.


This is the recipe box to go for if you love organic food. The recipe box provides foodie-focuses family-friendly recipes. On a weekly basis, the team at Riverford comes up with 15 seasonal recipes made by utilizing fresh organic produce. Riverford allows its clients to pick as multiple recipes as they would like and doesn’t limit them to a set quantity. You can get Riverford recipe boxes starting at €5.6 for each serving.

Simply Cook

Simply Cook offers a unique option by providing seasoning and spice kits as an alternative to providing clients with each ingredient they require to make their meal. Their non-perishable boxes comprise recipe cards and can be used as a client wishes meaning that they permit one to buy their own vegetable, meat or other ingredients and tailor each recipe as one desires. You can get Simply Cook recipe boxes starting at €1.5 per serving.

In conclusion, you don’t need to struggle to look for a recipe box with this article. You can select one from the list based on the price tag or the recipe box’s contents.