Creating an Attractive Interior Design With Home Design Institute, Paris

Designing an attractive architectural interior design is sometimes difficult. Many people prefer to use the services of an architectural Interior design online courses to assist in designing the interior of their home.

If Pins decide to use their services, at least Pins must prepare 3%-5% of the total cost of the Pins project for their fees.

With the help of an architect or designer, We will be helped to arrange the layout of Pins’ items and they can also help Pins in choosing home furnishings that are suitable for the theme that Pins chooses. Using the services of an architect or designer is very helpful and effective, but Pins also has to prepare a lot of money.

Actually designing a room is not too difficult and complicated. The harmony of the shape of the building both inside and outside also affects the comfort of the house as well, the bigger the house the more comfortable you will be in it.

There are several examples of houses that are old but comfortable when inside, like this home at French Chateau For sale website

With the development of the times, there are many choices of types and styles of interior design that Pins can choose to apply in your home. Here are some of them:

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary style is basically a blend of the concept of the present and the future. Its nature is also more dynamic and not bound by an era.

Contemporary designs tend to dare to display a combination of styles, such as contemporary modern, contemporary classic, contemporary rustic, and others.

Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist style design is always in demand anywhere. Its concept that combines simplicity, aesthetics, but multifunctionality, makes it never lose its fans.

The hallmark of a minimalist design has a simple layout, minimal interior walls, simple storage areas, and an emphasis on wide view.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian is a design style inspired by the nature and climate of Northern Europe or what is known as the Nordic. The concept of omo represents warmth and cheerfulness.

A bright color that has a neutral nature, Pins will encounter when entering a Scandinavian concept residence. Usually, the Scandinavian interior will be dominated by white, cream, and pale colors.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian or boho-chic style is a manifestation of freedom, modern looks and colorful collections. The bohemian style actually doesn’t have standard rules, often mixing several styles such as vintage, classic, or rustic.

Curtains and curtains, as well as colorful windows usually welcome you when you enter a bohemian style home.

Industrial Interior Style

Have you ever seen a room with a semi-finished or raw concept? That is the hallmark of an industrial-style room. This unfinished concept is inspired by industrial components.

The main characteristic of industrial house materials is the selection of materials that have a strong character, are durable, and have functional recycling power. Examples are metal, aluminum, wood, and stone.


The vintage design style gives the room a classic atmosphere and atmosphere with the addition of decorative elements that tend to be antique.

These things can be shown by the presence of old items, antique furniture in various eras in the past, to other rare collections. Actually there are many types of interior design that can be found all over the world. Such as retro, Moroccan, rustic to Classic styles.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by posting photos of the people Pins cares about. If Pins has a separate room in the office, then Pins can display a photo of the Pins family on one wall of the room and on the other hand put photos of Pins’ friends. Simple things like this can beautify the interior of the Pins room.

One of the most influential factors in an interior design is the furniture that Pins uses in the room. One example is the sofa and table that Pins uses. If Pins uses the design of a sofa or table that does not match or does not blend with the theme of the Pins room, it will be very visible and may make the Pins room unsightly and uncomfortable.

Therefore, before Pins buys the furniture that Pins will use, determine a room theme and design the layout of the furniture that Pins wants to buy. With this, Pins can buy suitable furniture, save costs on furniture and don’t deviate from Pins’ architectural interior design.

The color of a room also usually determines whether or not the design of a room is good. To get a good and welcome impression, use light, light colors such as light brown, light gray or white.

Only with young steps Pins can make Pins’ room look comfortable and beautiful.