Many products have specific packaging for a reason. Therefore, in order to ensure ease of use, companies put a lot of thought into how they package a product. After all, if a product is easy to use, it is also a reason for consumers to buy the product. We would like to tell you more about the packaging of cosmetics and why companies choose a certain type of packaging for their product. So read on!

Liquid or no liquid

A product’s packaging has a lot to do with whether it is a liquid or not. When a product is a thin liquid it is not very convenient to put it in a jar. In a jar the product would not be easy to use, because you can’t just pick a liquid up with your hands. For this reason, solids are often packed in jars and liquids are packed in bottles. In this way the composition of a product is looked at carefully and how it works best in the packaging.

Dropper bottles are good

Another good example of handy packaging are dropper bottles. These dropper bottles are mainly used for oils for several reasons. First of all, oil is often a thin liquid that you can’t just pick up by hand. Therefore, the oil is often contained in a glass dropper bottle. Furthermore, you often only need a small amount of oil. For that reason there is often a pipette inside a dropper bottle. This way, the packaging of oils is very convenient to use and you can buy these dropper bottles at a cosmetic jars wholesale.

Buying your own packaging

If you are a big fan of a product, but not of the packaging, you can also buy your own packaging. On the market you can find very good glass jars for example. You can find these at a cosmetic jars wholesale. That way you can enjoy a product while it’s also convenient to use. Some shampoo bottles, for example, become more difficult to use as they become emptier. Therefore, you can choose to replace these bottles with glass jars, for example. This way you can easily use the product without having to struggle with the packaging of the shampoo. You can then often just throw away the original packaging with the plastic waste and it will be recycled. The glass jars you buy are also sustainable, so we definitely recommend giving this a try!