Feeling anxiety before visiting you dentist because it might hurt a lot and you wouldn’t be able to bear it. If you have a fear of pain, there is a solution for your fear called anesthesia. Dentists carry a lot of surgeries that are really painful for the patient. To numb the area that the patient no longer feels the pain, anesthesia is injected in the infected area. Novocain is one of the best anesthesias used throughout the world. Unlike natural anesthesia, Novocain won’t let you lose your conscious but will numb that particular area.

How it’s done

When Novocain in injected in the affected area, it stops your brain to send the signals of pain to your body. This way you don’t feel the effect and dental procedure is easy to carry. Within 5 to 10 minutes the effects start which usually last till 30 to 60 minutes which can be further extended depending on the condition of patient.  Novocain can be used due to following reasons

  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Root canal
  • Tooth extraction
  • Eye surgeries
  • Biopsy

Tooth removal is very painful but Novocain makes it easy for the patient to survive. It doesn’t usually last longer but to extend the time limit, Novocain is combined with another formula to make it last longer. This way the fear or long operations and losing the numbness disappears.

After effects

Though it feels easy with the effect of anesthesia but there are some after effects. Which are common and everyone experiences it but to over these effects there are some precautions to follow. People have different questions regarding anesthesia like how long does Novocain last? What to eat after the surgery etc some effects are below

  • The numbing effect usually last for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • You will feel sensations like tingling and numbness
  • Dizziness is very common
  • Pain around the injected area
  • Twitching of muscles


After the surgery you cannot just start eating. As you are in pain it takes some time to get back in senses and to regain energy you need to take in food but that food should be solid. As after effects can be severe to get faster recovery some persuasions should be considered. Liquids are best to use. Solids are completely avoided.

Food intake

Food like mashed potatoes, soups porridge that easy to swallow and gives energy after wards. Liquids should be taken fresh juices. Ice cream is the best remedy and the favorite most. It soothes the area of pain gives you relieves. Salt water gargles will help you with mouth wash. It will take time to recover maximum a week or two. After you are fully recovered, you need to take serious actions against your oral health to avoid going through painful process, keep your teeth clean by brushing twice a day and gums healthy. Avoid having caffeine beverages. It makes your teeth look pail and nobody wants to  smile with pale teeth.