Before using the services of an accounting consultant, you need to know the price of the accounting consultant’s services. Meanwhile, to find out the price offered, you need to know the services that exist in accounting consulting services. accounting services hong kong Therefore, the following are the services that exist in accounting consulting services that you can know, namely:

  1. Management Consulting Service
    Accounting consulting services also provide management consulting services. Because the field of accounting is also closely related to the field of management. As for the types of services that exist in management consulting services, namely:
    • Creation of a business plan.
    • Making business-worthy studies.
    • Making business strategy.
    • Implementation of capital and debt restructuring activities.
    • Preparation of company financial supervision and budget.
    • Implementation of job descriptions and responsibilities as well as structural design.
    • Implementation of employee recruitment activities in the specified position.
    • Drafting employee regulations that are adjusted to the labor law.

    • Prepare company SOPs.
  2. Accounting Training Services
    In this case, an accounting consultant is tasked with conducting accounting training, preparing auxiliary books to preparing financial reports and processing transaction data. Conducting training in the field of taxation from preparing PPh 25, 21.23 to final PPh reports in article 4 in paragraph 2. This service also includes e-SPT training to the tax office and new companies can get administrative and operational system creation services.
  3. Bookkeeping Services
    For bookkeeping services that exist at the accounting consultant in the form of preparing ruby ​​ruby ​​reports, balance sheets and making changes in capital. Not only that, accounting consultants can also make operational standards, design accounting systems and procedures.
  4. Financial Report Collection Service
    Clients can use financial report collection services in order to make financial reports and notes, which have been adjusted to the applicable accounting standards. Not only that, with this service, clients can also get engagement letters between companies and accountants.
  5. Computerized Accounting System Service
    The system service referred to here is IT development for companies supported by an understanding of the accounting field. This accounting system is an application that makes it easier for companies to carry out accounting activities in their companies.