Advanced imaging techniques are one of the newest ways that doctors and other medical professionals can screen the cardiac health of their patients. It is generally not used in people who either high-risk or low-risk but is more or less reserved for those patients who fall into the middle area. The doctors use the technology to help determine the next course of treatment or even if treatment is needed. Here are some of the vast benefits that many doctors say they receive from using advanced imaging in New Jersey.

1. This type of medical technology can be used to ward off surgical intervention by allowing the doctor to put the patient on a varied diet and an exercise regimen to help increase their cardiac health.

2. While these types of tests are fantastic, they do not get rid of the need for both the doctor and the patient to understand the importance of long-known cardiovascular health factors such as smoking, exercise, diet, blood pressure, and the presence of diabetes.

3. Advanced imaging is an excellent option for those who have heart disease in the family. By using the imaging, the patient and doctor can discuss whether the patient’s heart is healthy enough to forego treatment or if some kind of treatment will be necessary.

4. Advanced imaging is a great way to screen menopausal women, who are already at higher than normal risk for heart disease, for increased calcium levels. Too much calcium in the body can lead to serious heart disease recent medical research has found.

As can be seen, there are some great benefits to getting advanced imaging screening performed. It is completely non-invasive and there are virtually no drawbacks to the procedure. By keeping the heart healthy, the patient can live to see many more years.