Tinnitus can strike even the healthiest person and one of the most common causes is stress. Why does stress cause tinnitus?

Sources of stress

Stress is a normal part of most people’s daily life, some even say a little stress is actually a good thing, and it can originate from a multitude of sources. The most common source for employed people is work-related stress. The workplace can be a source of a mild stressor when things are really hectic such as meeting an important deadline, cause severe stress. The home can also be quite a stressful environment, especially if you have very active children! The stress levels of an individual are often increased by the combination of work-related stress and home-related stress. For many people rather than the home environment being a peaceful place to relax it is actually quite the opposite.

Stress affects brain function

Whatever the source of your stress one thing is quite clear; intense stress or extended periods of stress causes problems! The main problem is the affect stress has on the body and mind and in particular how this affects our chemical balance. The brain controls much of our bodily function and an important part of this control is maintaining the function of our glands. Our glands produce the essential chemicals we need to live and if the balance of those chemicals is upset we can become ill. An area of the brain called the hypothalamus is strongly affected by stress and this leads to problems.

Brain function causes tinnitus

The hypothalamus controls the action of the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland in turn controls other important functions such as the autonomic nervous system. It is the impact of stress on this system that can result in tinnitus.

One of the important steps to take as part of your tinnitus treatment when you have stress-induced tinnitus is of course to reduce the stress levels in your life. However, as part of this stress reduction process, you should also aim to restore the natural function of the hypothalamus using a homeopathic course of trace element supplements. You can also use a complete sonus for your treatment. For sonus complete reviews, you can visit the website https://www.riverfronttimes.com/newsblog/2020/06/18/sonus-complete-reviews-updated-does-it-really-work.