5 Interesting Tours and Activities in Labuan Bajo

 Labuan Bajo is famous for its breathtaking natural panorama, so it is not surprising that this area is supported by various exciting tourist destinations. Labuan Bajo cruise is one of the several choices of tourist destinations and activities in this area.

By visiting this place, tourists can spend their vacation time riding a beautiful ship or boat. This ship will take visitors to tour several islands near Labuan Bajo.


5 Interesting Tours and Activities in Labuan Bajo


There are several choices of tours and water activities that you can do in Labuan Bajo, such as:


  1. IndonesiaJuara

Want to enjoy the natural panorama of Labuan Bajo? So take advantage of the existence of IndonesiaJuara as much as possible. IndonesiaJuara is a tour company that directly carries out touring activities in the eastern part of Indonesia.

In this case, Labuan Bajo, Raja Ampat, Sumba, and Derawan are included in it. Several tour packages are provided by this company, so you can choose the one that best suits your holiday wishes.


  1. D Tour Komodo

Although its size is more minimalist than the previous ship, many people think that D Tour Komodo has the best service.

Because this company provides opportunities for tourists to do tours, outdoor activities, and other water games that are no less fun.


  1. Travass Life

Not only does it provide fun touring activities, but tourists can also do other outdoor activities that are no less fun.

This company is open 24 hours a day, so whenever you need it, you can directly order it and take advantage of its services.


  1. Red Whale Dive Center & Tours

Its unique shape makes this ship often chosen by tourists. Not only that, but this company also provides the best experience for tourists, which often becomes a very memorable holiday experience.


  1. Kamana Trip

Touring, outdoor activities, water games, and small boat tours can be done easily by Kamana Trip. That way, tourists’ holiday moments will not be easily forgotten, this can be a new and enjoyable holiday experience.


After vacationing in Labuan Bajo, you can visit Monkey Forest Bali. Although the location is far from Labuan Bajo, this tourist destination also has a beautiful natural panorama. So, you can stop by for a moment to enjoy the beautiful scenery in it.