Are You Ready to Pay the Price of Your Heroin Addiction?

Opiate addiction impacts millions of lives every year. One seemingly low cost opiate version is heroin. Heroin is considered low cost because the amount for one dose is only $15 to $20. This does not sound like much until you look at the other costs to heroin addiction. That $15 to $20 adds up quickly when you factor in tolerance and continued addiction. After you use heroin for a while, your body gets used to the drug. This means you will have to take more and more of it to get the same result. This means instead of $15 to $20, you are spending $150 to $200 per day just on the heroin.

When you are heroin addict, you will find that you cannot work. Your entire life begins to revolve around getting money for the drug, using the drug, and the finding more money and more heroin. Shortly after you begin using heroin, nothing but the heroin matters in your life. This simple fact can cost you your job, your family, and your home. Once those things are gone, you may resort to other methods of getting heroin. This includes stealing and high risk behaviors to get the money for heroin.

This high risk behavior can lead to incarceration and legal difficulties. Lawyers are expensive and even with a public defender an arrest for heroin addiction can cost you thousands of dollars for court costs and hundreds of thousands in fines. An arrest for heroin alone can cost you your reputation in the community, assuming you still have one and can keep you from finding employment even after you settle everything or serve time.

Heroin abuse also does irreparable damage to your body and mind. You can develop anxiety, depression, and psychosis with continued use. You can also develop heart problems, lung and respiratory problems, kidney and liver problems, sexual dysfunction, paralysis, and many other serious health issues. Dealing with these health issues may incur an ongoing cost of thousands of dollars in hospital bills, medications, and treatment. A short hospital stay sometimes costs tens of thousands of dollars.

When you are using heroin, you have to decide if heroin is worth your life. Opiate and opioid overdose is a very real danger no matter how long you have been taking heroin. You can overdose the first time you use or the thousandth. You can overdose on heroin alone or on a combination of heroin and other drugs. There is no predictor of when you will overdose and there is no amount of experience that will prevent it from happening.

The only way to avoid the costs of using heroin is to stop using it. You can find ways to do this at Heroin addiction treatment begins with heroin detox. This is often described as the worst part of heroin addiction treatment. Fortunately, heroin is one of the few drugs that has a medication that can help you through withdrawal.

Most doctors recommend a combination of these medications and therapy in order to end your addiction to heroin. One of the only things that does not have a very high cost is treatment. Treatment centers accept insurance, have fee programs, and can accept payment plans. You do not have to pay the costs associated with heroin addiction. Help is available.