Can You Remove Pigmentation Without Surgery?

Melasma or hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that causes brown or gray-brown spots on the skin. Melasma is a skin disorder resulting from hormonal changes, which commonly occur during pregnancy and UV exposure.


What Causes Skin Discoloration?


Melanin is the pigment that gives our skin its color. Since melanin is concentrated inside one area of skin, pigmented lesions such as age spots, sun spots, and brown patches are dark in color. Most pigmented lesions are caused by sun exposure; however, some people are born with them. Hormonal fluctuations, aging, and sun damage can cause skin pigment changes.

Melasma can be camouflaged with cosmetics, but you should expect it to fade away completely after a time.


Pico Laser is a cutting-edge pigmentation removal treatment for melasma and other skin conditions. The Pico Laser generates high-intensity laser pulses that last for a trillionth of a second or a split second (a picosecond). The laser targets pigment and promotes renewal and regeneration cycles by activating natural collagen synthesis in skin cells.


The Pico Laser is extremely precise. It emits brief laser pulses that target the pigment in the melasma and break it up, allowing your body to dispose of it properly. It treats hyperpigmentation precisely, improving the appearance of your problem spots while also preserving the nearby skin.


Why Choose Pico Laser?


If you’re looking to treat melasma, the Pico Laser is the way to go. It also enhances the skin’s tone, suppleness, and texture. The laser helps smooth and enhance your skin’s general look, including sunspots, wrinkles, and acne scars.


Pico Laser is Virtually Painless


Pigmentation removal treatments in the past may have been long-term, requiring many procedures and waiting for results. On the other hand, with the use of Pico Laser, you get short treatments and quick results. The laser session lasts around half an hour, and there’s minimal pain.


What Other Issues Does Pico Laser Treat?


The Pico Laser utilizes ultra-short pulses of picosecond to your skin. The resulting energy bursts make a photomechanical effect that destroys tattoo ink particles or skin pigments. It uses a laser handpiece that divides the primary laser beam into tiny, identical beams effectively targeting skin pigmentation, textural impurities, and different complexion problems.


Can Pico Laser Be Used For Other Skin Issues?


Tattoo Removal


For removing tattoos, Pico Laser includes three wavelengths which could be utilized to address more colors compared to most lasers. It includes huge spot sizes which could permeate deep into the skin as necessary. The picosecond pulses are 40 percent quicker compared o other picosecond lasers, making Pico Laser very effective while reducing side effects and downtime.


Skin Rejuvenation


As a skin rejuvenation procedure, Pico Laser targets both your epidermis and your dermis (deeper skin layers that lie underneath your epidermis). It produces small open spaces deep inside the skin which will be filled up with collagen and elastin, leading to improved skin clarity, texture, and tone –transforming the skin from inside and out. It also boosts skin tone and texture and evens out irregular pigmentation.


And because Pico Laser utilizes a photo-mechanical effect rather than a photo-thermal one, this suggests your skin wouldn’t overheat, making the procedure more comfortable compared to conventional lasers. Following your treatment, you will already see overall progress in the complexion. You can go back to your regular activities and even put makeup over the treated area of the skin within the day of the treatment.


Many aesthetic clinics in Singapore always make their procedures as accessible as possible to everyone. Pico Laser treats various skin types, making it perfect for those of color who want to get their skin lesions treated or have tattoos.