Communities Being Held Hostage to The Problem of Addiction

In the United States today, there are whole communities being held hostage to the problem of addiction. Addiction to opioids is a major problem in cities and towns all across the US, and unfortunately, the problem is growing like wildfire. The problem escalated in the late 1990s when prescription opioids were liberally prescribed for patients who needed help with pain. Unfortunately, this led to a major black market for the drugs, after it was discovered that they could be crushed and then injected or snorted for a quick (and highly addictive) high. These drugs are highly addictive, and those who use them will experience serious withdrawal symptoms as soon as they stop using. All of this has added to the serious problem of addiction our society is now dealing with.

The Need For Rehab

People who rely on intoxicants (like opiods and also alcohol) on a regular basis can lose their ability to function in society. Their health can be destroyed, as well as their ability to work and have healthy relationships. All of this can create a dangerous spiral that only gets more destructive, unless help is found through counseling and rehabilitation. Luckily, there is help available through the many rehabilitation centers located throughout the US.

Help After Rehab

When an addicted person goes through rehab, they will detoxify from the drugs they have been using, and then go through counseling that will help them understand their issues with intoxicants. After rehab, the client must embrace a sober lifestyle, with all the challenges that entails. For many people, going into a sober living facility, like a transitional house in Washington dc or other areas is the right choice. A sober living house offers a transition between rehab and an old life that offers numerous temptations. Sober living can offer the support and stability a newly sober person needs in order stay on track with their new, healthy life, free from drugs, alcohol and other intoxicants.