Healthy, White Teeth And Medical Plants

Teeth are a part of human body that can?t be natural replaced. They play a very important role in digestive system and in whole body functions. That?s why is necessary to take good care of them and keep them in perfect condition.

Decay is a complex disease. Its starts like a little injury which evolves into a cavity, destroying step by step the hard layer of tooth.

Based on its intensity, decay can be: first grade, which affects only tooth enamel; second grade, which penetrates tooth enamel; third grade, consist in deep penetration of the tooth, accompanied by pulp necrosis.

For diagnosis and treatment you must sea a dentist. Before you get to the dentist, you can use parsley as a natural treatment.

Here are some ideas for tooth care, using medical plants.

Natural treatment with sweet basil:

Decoct from two tea spoons of dry leaves for a mug, with cold water. After ten minutes, you boil it, and then you wait 15 minutes to cool. With the mixture you rinse out the mouth several times a day.

Natural treatment with lemon:

Eating lemons or brushing your teeth with them leads to whitening.

Natural treatment with apple:

Apple eating determines teeth whitening.

Natural treatment with mint:

Infusion from 4 -5 dry leaves, on which you pour 100 ml of boiled water and then leave it 30 minutes to cool; brush your teeth after each meal and then rinse out your mouth with the infusion.

Natural treatment with parsley:

You squash the fresh leaves or roots until you obtain a paste which you mix with a little bit of salt; then you introduce it in the decay.