Smiling depression as a real condition – It is not just an oxymoron

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and this is a phrase which is applicable to all those who are suffering from any type of depression. Outwardly, they might look functioning and happy but the reality is that such individuals could be depressed inside and they could be struggling hard with all sorts of negative thoughts and feelings. As per the National Institute of Mental Health, around 10{97046983dad288601093f992dd7cc13fa53bc073003ed14347dc5023c54ab1e1} of the American population suffers from depression.

The harsh reality is that depression isn’t experienced by all in a similar manner. There are some who may not even realize that they’re suffering from depression, there are some others whose lives have gone haywire due to the symptoms of depression. When someone suffers from depression but is getting through his normal life and is not found isolating himself, this can be called smiling depression. To know more, you may read

What causes smiling depression?

One of the most common symptoms of those who suffer from smiling depression is a rare belief that they’re not good enough as they ought to be. There is a self-image which feels empty, emotionally numb and they often become critical about their own selves. This is when they end up doing things perfectly, thereby creating a need for controlling the lives of people around them. There’s always a link between depression and perfectionism.

People who are perfectionists often find themselves becoming vulnerable to incurring depression because they tend to set expectations that are unrealistic. As a normal course, these expectations aren’t met, they become disappointed with the results and they’re unable to maintain any positive perspective about the disappointments. With time, these negative feelings tend to bottle up and it leads to a severe form of depression.

Steps to take for the sufferers of smiling depression

For all those who are suffer from smiling depression, it is tough to realize that they’re actually dealing with smiling depression. People would hide their symptoms and the true feelings, thereby becoming more and more isolated and this could contribute to hopelessness and worthlessness. If such people are not given adequate support, it could even cause suicidal attempts.

You have to first acknowledge that the isolation feelings are valid and that the symptoms aren’t any sign of weakness but rather they depict emotional distress. Get someone who you can trust and confide all your feelings in him. Talking can help things right away.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about how you can help a person suffering from smiling depression, you can take into account the above mentioned facts and strategies.